Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting and Staying Organized

A common theme that I've spotted in education blogs is the need to get/stay organized. This is something that, though I haven't begun my first year teaching yet, I can completely and whole-heartedly agree with.

My first placement student teaching was with a woman who was so organized that at first it scared me. But, then I realized how much easier it made things because she was so organized. Everything in this fifth grade classroom was either labeled, color coded, or had a specific place where it needed to be. Though setting this all up in the beginning of the year seemed tedious, I don't understand how classrooms could be any other way.

My second placement, in a first grade class, was not so organized. This made lesson planning and getting everything ready for the week/the day extremely exhausting. Most days I felt like I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off because I didn't know where to find anything!

So today I was playing around on my computer and I made some labels that I will use in my own classroom for school supplies, just so students know where everything is and they don't need to ask me a million times for supplies.

Feel free to use them and take them :)

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  1. Hi Amanda! Being organized can be so hard because you get busy and things get shoved is also hard when you have no place to put the stuff you organized when your classroom is teeny tiny like mine. =(

    I do have thematic tubs, word study tubs, math tubs, supply tubs, etc.

    Your labels looks cute! In my district, we are encouraged to have the kiddos help create the labels as you guide them to think about how to store school supplies. We then create them with interactive writing. Since this gives them more ownership, it really helps them be more accountable for cleaning up and returning things to the proper place.

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    1. oops, taken care of!!

      And, wow that sounds like a great idea, kids do need to learn to be more organized!!


  2. Hi Amanda - Great name! That's my daughter's name. :o) Cute blog too. You are so right about being organized. I have been teaching 18 years - currently in first. So glad I found you. I'm your newest follower.
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