Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Best of Pinterest Linky Party

Pinterest is the greatest thing since sliced bread, especially since I am an organization nut/a planner/a future-liver (definitely one of my greatest flaws). I've found so many cute ideas not only for my classroom but also ideas that will sate my crafty tendencies and that will help me plan my future wedding. Which is why I was stoked when I found this fantastic linky party. Oh and if you would like to follow me on Pinterest click here.

But onwards and upwards to the linky party hosted by Rachel at Views from 205.

Top 5 Best Pins

5. Conversation Jenga

An awesome first couple days of school activity where students play Jenga and have a conversation at the same time. A super fun twist on the getting to know you game.

4. Glitter Jars

Even though my boyfriend hasn't proposed yet (we're looking at rings this coming weekend :D). This was an awesomely easy idea to make wedding center pieces that are glittery and fun. I was thinking that I could recreate this with white glitter and it would be to die for. 

3. Living on Less that 28,000/yr blog

I was super excited to find this post considering I just took out a ton of money to pay for this last year of grad school. Also, consider I'm going to be a teacher I needed to learn how to live on a budget/save up to potentially own property one day. This blog was not only informative but it was extremely inspiring. If you would like to see this blog for yourself/the picture above links to it :)

2. Boggle Bulletin Board for Fast Finishers

This was a great little bost and I actually made this in small scale for Word Work for my first graders, they loved it. 

1. Classroom Management Behavior Chart

This was by far my favorite thing I've ever found on Pinterest, I've actually repinned a couple of versions of this because I love it so much. I was very used to the behavior card system in my fifth/first grade classroom, but in both there was no upward movement available for students. However, I really like the idea of a visual reward system especially for students who are going above and beyond and exceeding normal expectations. I am most definitely making this over the summer to have ready for my classroom come August. 

So ladies, that about somes it up! You should go and join the linky party. What are some of your favorite things about Pinterest? 

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