Monday, June 11, 2012

I Did It and June Currently

I did it! I graduated and it feels great.

(Me and the bf on Graduation Day!!)

However, now it is on to the hard part, finding employment. Do you ladies have any tips on what to do/say/bring to interviews with principals? My program had us generate electronic Portfolios, but I know that it's common practice to bring in something tangible to interviews. I've already been hired by HR, now I need to find the school/grade that fits me perfectly :)

Also, I joined the Party over at Farley's and filled out my June Currently :D Feel free to do the same!!

Here's to bigger and better things.

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  1. Always bring at least five copies of your resume in case you have a panel interview and not just a one on one interview. I had to do an electronic portfolio too and never used after I graduated. Now I am making another one for Grad school. Congrats on Graduation! Good luck with interviews!